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  • Sternal or Jugular Notch to Floor

    This is the vertical measurement from the bottom of the sternal/jugular notch (bone notch below the Adam’s apple where the collarbones meet) to the floor.Stand up straight facing a wall with feet 2″ apart and toes touching the wall. Hold a pencil horizontally in your sternal notch, pointing outward, and mark the wall with it. Measure up from the floor to the mark. An alternative method is to have a friend measure from the floor up to the bottom of a carpenter’s level extending out from your sternal notch.
  • Arm Length (Shoulder to wrist)

    Find the lateral tip of your shoulder blade by placing your palm on top of your shoulder with your thumb against your neck; your fingers should be touching the top edge of your shoulder blade. Slide your hand outward away from your neck, and let your fingers find the furthest outward point of the top edge of your shoulder blade (this is the posterior tip of your acromion bone, which sits atop your shoulder joint). Have a friend measure from that point to your wrist bone (on the little finger side) while holding your elbow straight and your arm out from your side at a 45-degree angle.
  • Crotch to Floor or Inseam (not your pants size)

    Standing up straight with your feet 2″ apart, pull a leveled broomstick or a carpenter’s 3-foot level firmly against your crotch, holding it with one hand in front of you and one hand behind you. It should be level and as snug as if you were straddling a fence rail with your legs hanging down off either side. The goal is to fully compress the soft tissue up against the lower edge of the pelvic bone. If you face a wall when doing this and mark the wall at the top edge of the broomstick, you can do this measurement yourself (if you use a large book slid firmly up between your legs instead of the level or broomstick, with one edge of the against the wall, this will ensure that its top edge is level, but it is much more difficult to pull a book up as firmly into the crotch as necessary, unlike a broomstick). Mark the wall at the top edge of the book or broomstick, and measure from the mark down to the floor. Or, have a friend measure from the top of the leveled broomstick or carpenter’s level down to the floor.
  • Thigh length

    Sit on a stool with your lower legs vertical and your back pressed flat against a wall. Adjust the stool height with phone books until your thighs are level to the ground and knees are about 90 degrees. Measure from the face of a dowel or book placed against the fronts of your kneecaps to the wall.
  • Lower leg length

    Sitting the same as you did for the thigh length, place the dowel or book across the tops of your kneecaps, and measure down from its underside to the floor.
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