XL Electric Fat Tire Bike for Big and Tall Guys

Electric XL Fat Tire Bike

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E Bikes for Heavy Riders

Explore the roads less traveled with the e-Goliath fat tire E bike for heavy guys. This titanium e bike features fat tires up to 27.5 x 4.5″, hydraulic disc brakes, Sram Eagle components, carbon fork, and hand-built bombproof wheels and a Bosch Performance Line Generation 4 CX high torque e-bike drive unit making this the perfect Fat Tire eBike for big and tall guys. This bike is made for riding in the snow, sand, or trails, and has rack mounts for loading up gear for bike packing or hunting. The giant fat tires provide ultimate float in the snow or sand and also add a lot of cushion to the ride on rocky trails and fire roads. These titanium e-bikes for big guys are built super tough and come in M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL for riders from 5’9” to 7′. The Goliath comes with proportional length cranks for optimal pedaling efficiency, and extra wide handlebars to fit broad shoulders. The wheels are custom built right here at our shop in Boulder, Colorado using our own Clydesdale hubs that are rated for riders up to 450lbs! We build these wheels using 32 double butted spokes per wheel and DT swiss brass pro-lock nipples to keep your wheels true for many miles. Each wheel is precision built by professional wheelbuilders in our shop using high-tech spoke wrenches, wheel building stands, and spoke tension meters.

*Not all mountain bike trails are open to Electric Mountain Bikes. Be sure to check trail regulations before riding any single track trail.

Our Best eMTB

Are you a heavy guy that’s struggling to find a comfortable mountain bike? The Goliath is an XL fat tire bike for even the tallest riders! This model features a titanium e-bike frame and fits riders from 5’9″ to 7′2” tall. The Goliath is meant for snow biking, beach riding, rough trails, bike packing, and hunting. Learn more about the specifications and details of the E-Goliath to discover the best XL electric bikes for heavy riders on the market.

E-Goliath eMTB Specifications

As with all our bikes, we follow our design philosophy to ensure a proportional frame and a comfortable ride that meets your needs. Check out these specifications for the Goliath e-bike, made for tall riders.

  • 27.5 x 4.5″ or 27.5 x 4.0″ tires
  • Sram Eagle Components
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Carbon fork
  • Handbuilt, Bombproof Wheels
  • Bosch Performance Line generation 4 CX e-Bike Drive Unit

There are no better big and tall e-bikes out there. The eGoliath Mountain Bike is one of the best XL fat tire e-bikes available because it’s such a versatile choice for so many types of rides. Use it for singletrack trail riding, snow and sand, bike packing, or even hunting.

More Bike Details

In addition to the amazing specifications we already listed, we really took this bike to the limit in an attempt to create the best xl electric bike for heavy riders. You can expect a tire clearance of up to 27.5 x 4.5″ for maximum float in the snow and sand, as well as great cushion for rocky trails. Extra-wide handlebars can fit broad shoulders, while ultra-long cranks ensure proportionality and comfort for optimal pedaling efficiency. Our Goliath XL fat tire e-bike is even rated for riders up to 450 pounds!

You’ll find plenty of strength and support in our tires and wheels, too. We use 32 double-butted spokes per wheel along with DT Swiss brass pro-lock nipples to ensure your wheels keep carrying you mile after mile. So, choose the best eMTB in the world when you shop the only one that can accommodate riders from 5’9” to 7’2” tall.

Please note that not every mountain biking trail is open to e-bikes. Double-check trail regulations near you before heading out for any singletrack trail.

Available Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Electric Fat Tire Bike for snow, sand, and trail riding

The Goliath – XL Electric Fat Tire Bike




Are you wondering why the team at Clydesdale Bikes always recommends titanium for the bike’s frame? It’s because it has so many benefits over utilizing more traditional materials like aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber. Did you know that in addition to being half the weight of steel, titanium also has a ton of fatigue resistance and strength that allows us to avoid building XL electric bikes with oversized tubing? Even with smaller tubing, you can still expect an extremely compliant ride with minimal interference from rough surfaces, small bumps, and road buzz from a titanium bike frame.

Along with your comfort during any type of ride, titanium also ensures the longevity of your bike. Whether you have a gravel ride or an e-bike, titanium is a material that guarantees your bike stays corrosion-free. Without having to worry about rust eating away at your frame, you have the flexibility to paint your bike or leave it bare. Even better, no corrosion within the tubes also provides a better option for internal cable routing.

Choose titanium and discover a material that flexes more without damage, never suffers from notch or crash damage that may lead to catastrophic failure, and won’t degrade when exposed to UV rays. With titanium construction, an XL fat tire bike from the Clydesdale team could last you for the rest of your life – if not longer!

Titanium for Extra Strength

Pretty much every custom bike we make is designed with a titanium frame. Even the best EMTB can use the benefits of this material. Half the weight of steel with enough fatigue resistance and more than enough strength, titanium frames allow you to enjoy a sleek ride with amazing compliance and minimal road buzz. We can make our tubing as large as we want without adding too much weight to your ride!

Titanium also has the ability to flex much further than either aluminum or steel without experiencing permanent damage. It even outdoes carbon fiber, which is vulnerable to notch damage and crashing, as well as an epoxy matrix that will degrade after years of UV light exposure. Our titanium bike frames can literally last you for the rest of your life!

We also prefer titanium for our XL electric bikes for tall riders because this material never corrodes. We can paint it in custom colors or plate it to minimize scratches. Our team also routes the cabling internally, so that it’s protected by the titanium casing from rust and corrosion.


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