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32 inch wheel electric bicycle for Big Guys

The eBFG is an e-bike version of our Big Friendly Giant bike and is built specifically with very tall riders in mind. This e-bike is available with 32 inch wheels (36 inch wheels available on custom order), making it fully proportional for guys from 6’5″ to 7’5″ tall. The eBFG is perfect for exploring the city streets of any metroplitan area, cruising along the coastline bike paths, or even getting out for an adventure on the back roads in the country. This titanium 32er e-bike is available with either drop handlebars or flat bars and 1×11 drivetrain. The Bosch Gen 2 e-bike system provides a 65 mile range in eco mode and can deliver a great deal of power with the 500Wh battery. We build this big guy bike with hydraulic disc brakes, a stout steel fork, and handbuilt bombproof wheels. This bike is made for all types of riding including commuting to work, fitness riding, beach cruising, and road/gravel riding. These titanium bikes for big guys are built super tough and custom fit for each rider from 6’5″ to 7’5″. The eBFG also comes with proportional length cranks for optimal pedaling efficiency, and extra wide handlebars to fit broad shoulders. The wheels are custom built right here at our shop in Boulder, Colorado using our own Clydesdale hubs that are rated for riders up to 450lbs! We build these wheels using 36 double butted spokes per wheel and DT swiss brass pro-lock nipples to keep your wheels true for many miles. Each wheel is precision built by professional wheelbuilders in our shop using high-tech spoke wrenches, wheel building stands, and spoke tension meters.

Custom fit for riders 6’5″ to 7’5″

The eBFG – 32 inch wheel electric bike for big and tall people


Sram Rival/Apex drivetrain and shifters
Sram Rival hydraulic disc brakes
200mm or 210mm crankset
Steel fork
Clydesdale 36h hubs
Nimbus Rims with double butted spokes

1×11 speed gearing
Superb braking power and control
190, 200, or 210mm cranks
2.25″ tire clearance
Rated for up to a 500lb rider
Custom laced in-house for maximum durability

Handmade titanium frame
T47 threaded bottom bracket shell
44mm internal diameter headtube
31.6mm seatpost diameter
2.25″ tire clearance
Post mount disc brake tabs

Built for riders up to 450lbs/204kg
Compatible with all cranks on the market
Extra stiffness and durability
34.9mm outside ST diameter for seatpost clamp and front derailleur clamp
32″ tires only
203mm max rotor size front and rear

If you are unsure of what size you need, please submit your measurements and we will help you figure out which bike is best for you.

all measurements in milimeters

Rider Height Bike Size Bike weight TT Stem HT SO BB Height CS Crank Length
6’5″ – 6’7″ XXL TBD 660 90-110mm 220 915 305 522 190-200
6’6″ – 6’10” 3XL TBD 660 110-120mm 220 915 305 522 200-210
6’11” – 7’4″ 4XL TBD 660 130-140mm 220 915 305 522 215mm

There are many more factors to building a big and tall bike than most people understand. It is not as simple as just scaling up a “normal” sized frame and calling it good. When you do that, several things happen to the bike. First, the stretched out tubes become less stiff, which results in high speed frame shimmy. This is a scary by-product of a poorly designed bike. Second, the added material makes the bike heavier, especially if the builder tries to solve problem number one with just using bigger heavier tubes. Third, without a fork with a long enough steering tube, the handlebars will be far too low for the tall cyclist causing discomfort in the back, neck, wrists, and arms. Fourth, building a bike for a tall rider with average length cranks will make the rider feel like he’s pedaling a kids bike while sitting up very high. Lennard has developed great frame design concepts to address and solve all of these issues and more, which are all fully applied in the designs of Clydesdale Bikes. A Clydesdale bike designed by Lennard Zinn will be stiff and strong, while remaining lightweight. It will never shimmy at high speeds, and all of the components, including cranks and handlebars, will be proportional to the rider. Fit, performance, comfort, and durability will all be superior on a Lennard Zinn designed bike than a big and tall bike from any other designer out there. We guarantee it.



We make our Clydesdale bike frames with titanium to provide customers with the highest quality material possible. It’s lighter than steel and makes it easier for us to build custom frames with larger diameter tubing. With a titanium frame, you can transfer more power to the bike while enjoying a comfortable ride that won’t beat your body up over long treks. Titanium inherently possesses the characteristics needed to increase performance without causing excessive neck, back, or knee pain you may experience when riding long distances. Also, bikes made from other materials such as carbon fiber are less durable and start to reveal weaknesses on longer rides.

Another great benefit of titanium frames is that they will never rust. It’s a durable and corrosion-resistant metal that can be left unaltered for years. Unlike other materials, there’s no need to paint or powder coat the frame because the insides of the tubes are corrosion-proof. In the long run, your bike frame will last much longer and be less susceptible to damage from the elements.

Without a doubt, titanium has some pretty incredible properties that make it a popular metal for bike frames. Testing has proven that it can withstand three times the force of aluminum and two times as much as steel without permanent damage. Not only does it resist cracking better than steel and carbon fiber from impact, but it also lasts longer due to its resistance to corrosion and UV rays. It is truly a frame that can last a lifetime.


Excited about your new bike? You can place an order by paying a partial deposit, paying in full, or applying for financing using the appropriate buttons below. If you don’t know which size you need, please use the bike fit button to submit your measurements, and we will help figure out which bike is best for you. We are here to answer your questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or contact form.

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