We are really excited about the newest bike to the Clydesdale line up. The Big Friendly Giant (BFG) is a 32 inch wheel bicycle that can fit riders up to 7’5″. The larger wheels help to get the frame size more proportional to the rider. The 32 inch wheels are fast and makes for a really fun bike. Read on to find out if the 32 inch wheels make sense for you. We can make the BFG with 36 inch wheels as well, however we feel that the 32 inch is a better size than 36 inch.

32 inch wheel bicycle

We often are asked about wheel sizes, and why not to get a bigger wheel for a taller rider. The answer is that it really depends on how the bike is used as to whether a larger wheel will be better. Most road and gravel bikes have a 700c wheel, which is around 27-28″ in diameter depending on the tire, and mountain bikes have a 29 inch wheel which uses the same rim size as a road bike, but with a fatter mountain bike tire on it. The tire is what makes it a 29 inch diameter. Our newer 29 plus mountain bikes with even fatter tires actually measure out closer to a 30 inch diameter.

If you are looking for a bike for riding around town, cruising up and down gravel bike paths, commuting to work, and even some medium distance road and gravel rides, the 32 inch wheels could be a great option for you. The BFG is a fast bike once you get it going, and it steers very well. However, if you are looking to do long road or gravel rides with greater efficiency and performance, the Draft or the Team might be a better choice. The BFG is about 10 pounds heavier than the Draft due to the giant wheels and the steel 32 inch fork. That weight will affect you on very long rides, but when riding shorter distances will probably go un-noticed.

If you are over 7 feet tall, the BFG may be the best option for you as well. Also if your weight is over 450lbs, you will definitely want to choose the BFG over the Draft. The extra heavy duty wheels and steel forks will be a solid benefit for anyone over 450lbs. The BFG can be ordered with flat handlebars or drop handlebars depending on the type of riding you want to do. Check out the video below to get a full overview of the BFG, or click here to go to the information page where you can find all the details you need.