By: Chad McRae

“Aerodynamics matter greatly”, at least that seems to be a common thought among triathletes, if social media is in any way reliable. Balancing aerodynamics with power and comfort is a necessity for long course races such as the 70.3 and 140.6. This year I am riding a bike which provides a better share of aerodynamics and comfort than anything else commonly available for someone 6’4 and over.

The Clydesdale time trial bike maximizes aerodynamics by enabling the positioning of the single least aerodynamic factor on every bike, i.e., the rider. People are not aerodynamic. We as riders have unequal weight distributions. We can be bulky and far from flexible. The Clydesdale by Zinn Cycles accommodates the larger than typical athlete by facilitating the positioning of larger bodies onto bikes.

The titanium frame is comfortable and dampens rough terrain better than carbon and aluminum. The material is lighter than steel and well known for its durability. The Clydesdale time trial bike is my chosen means for speed.


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