We get a lot of questions about travel cases for very large and tall bikes. This is typically something that is very hard to find, but we have discovered a case that works quite well for a big bike. One of our customers in Australia sent us a photo of his Zinn 3XL full suspension bike in the case and it fits! So we wanted to share the details with everyone in case other people are in need of a travel case.


Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro – click here to order online from the Evoc site. 

Quote from our customer in Australia:

“I reckon I have some good news. Attached is a photo of my XXXL BIG 6er in the Evoc pro bike bag:

I think these are a recent addition to Evoc’s bike bag models, probably responding to increasingly slack head tube angles (i.e. longer wheelbases). This model has the longest wheel base option, 1300mm, of all the Evoc bike bags. The air has been dropped out of the forks and the 29+ tyres are depressurized (but not to the point of worrying about a sealant leak). Everything fits.”